Very good place for kids birthday party. Girls are very nice and very useful. Will do my son's birthday in here next year as well

    thumb Mariam L.

      This place was pretty cool for a little gathering with the kids about a year ago and now it's pretty disgusting to say the least. I threw away my little girls clothes and socks immediately after cause it was all dirt. Owner needs to do a deep clean of this place and also fix the arcade games cause none of them work!

    thumb Anait A.

      Came here with my 20 month old, to meet other toddlers for a play date. Mask required sign is posted at the door but the policy is not enforced inside at all. Children under 2 are not masked, per CDC. Almost all adults inside were maskless, older children were maskless and running around unsupervised crashing over smaller babies. Staff was no where to be found. There is no proper ventilation or air circulation inside the establishment and these unmasked adults and children screaming and running around is incredibly dangerous given COVID. It also feels incredibly dirty and run down. Equipment was broken, floors were dirty, merry go-round had exposed screws. Will not return and I encourage anyone who is doing their best to protect their family to avoid this establishment at all costs.

    thumb Dina D.

      I did my son's birthday in la la land. Very happy with a service. Very fun place for kids .

    thumb Patan J.

      Let's talk about this place. I did my son's birthday here and it was extremely cold. The heater did not work and the owner didn't care enough to check it before hand.

    The service was horrible. 2 girls worked the party and I tipped each $50 for NOTHING I mean nothing. All they did was sit down. No help, no service.....disgusting. I had to tell them what to do...WHY!!!!!!!???????  

    I will NEVER do a party here again. It was so bad I cried an hour after my son's party.

    thumb Mane S.

      Updated Review: I had my daughter's birthday here in November and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of everything. All guests were pleasantly surprised as was I.. The facility was clean and ready for set up ( I was the last slot before closing). The three assistants continuously were asking if I needed anything and were actually engaging with the kids to play games and help keep a watchful eye. The arcade area was PERFECT for some of the older kids. Little ones were just happy to slide and glide and jump around. I will definitely be using their services again.

    Side Note: Yes, you have to "pay" to use the arcade style games, but seriously, you are going to spend money anyway, might as well make it a fun experience with your kid. Memories will last, not the money! =) Just some food for thought.

    thumb M K.

      Super cute indoor play place. Took my kids last week and they had a blast. It's a little small, but the arcade side is a nice addition.  The slides are super fast but such a smooth ride for even toddlers. I'd take them there again. Price was perfect, kids had a blast, and I was able to work on my lap top while they burned some energy. Great time!

    thumb Rosie F.

      This place was a hit. I had my daughter bday party at this venue. The owner was amazing and made sure everything's as went super smooth. The staff was friendly and helpful. Our guest had a blast and most importantly my daughter had fun. I would definitely recommend them to anyone

    thumb Maggie S.

      I have very mixed filling about this place.
    I start with disadvantages. On Friday I came to book a place with them for fallowing  Saturday for my son's 3rd birthday at 6pm.  Two days later on Monday I went back there to give deposit for Fantasy package that includes backdrop that I want and face painting and temporary tattoo. Same day around 9:30 they texted me saying that there is problem with time and I have to post pond my party to 6:30. Supposedly lady who booked before us decided to extend for one more hour. I wasn't told about any of this when I was booking or giving a deposit. On my respond that you have to let the lady know that time is already booked they said that she already paid and to smooth tHings around they decided  to provide 30 more mins for free. I had really no choice but to go with it, because invitations were send out, plus other playgrounds didn't have space on that day. So when we came on Saturday for celebration they didn't have a backdrop which I was told on Monday had been ordered and included in package! They offered me 100$ discount for that inconvenience. Plus I realized only at home they didn't provide face painting and temporary tattoos that was in package as well. I was too busy to realized that on the spot. I don't know if they will try to fix this up somehow after reading my review.
    Advantages of the playground. The spot is Clean and bright, a lot of space, I really like the idea that it's divided by two areas for smaller and bigger kids . So it was very convenient for our celebration.  We had kids ages 1,3 -18 years old All of them had a blast playing and using both sides of the playground. Even adults went too arcade side to play. Also workers were nice and helpful as much as they could

    thumb Ksenia D.

      Would i go ther again no not really  the ceiling had parts that looked like they were going to fall that was rite on top of  the ball pit then bathroom was not so kid friendly and it is a indoor play place also not to many activities unless you pay separately for the arcade games the best part was only the parking lots of space is available

    thumb Nateli M.

      Another update. La la land changed their structures and now, they're even worse!  They removed all the toys and are no longer baby friendly. The trampoline is even more dangerous than before, with a huge gap next to the wall. I attached new photos. There are many places on the new structure that have no side netting where young kids could just fall out. The worst part of all is they raised price to get in, and half the place is games you also have to pay for. Skip this place, go somewhere else.

    thumb Becky R.

      I Can't say enough for this beautiful place! We just had my daughter's 6th birthday here and it was great. Everyone had such a great time!  The space is bright and clean, the service is beyond 5 stars. The owner, Narine is delightful to work with. She is friendly, responsive, attentive and covers every detail of the event, making sure the party is a success. Their playarea is recently updated with toys, arcades, slides and has everything for all ages.
    If you are looking for a playground to have a party or to take the kids to play, this is the place.

    thumb Srbuhi T.
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